Everyone Deserves Health and Access
to Fitness and Fine-Arts Resources

About The Taylor Foundation for the Arts

As a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA- The Taylor Foundation for the Arts sits at the heart of the state’s philanthropic community. Organizations like the Georgia Center for Nonprofits , and its far-reaching connections to local foundations and charities, allow for extensive reach and collaboration between TFA and other such entities.

Participatory arts and health education are central to the Taylor Foundations’ achievement of improving overall community wellness. Dr. Wallace T.F Taylor’s intentions to utilize participatory arts as a tool through which wellness can be enhanced has led to the Taylor Foundation for the Arts’ development of three key areas of practice: dance, fine arts, and martial arts. Each form or arts practice has been developed around a curriculum which allows for the building of trust amongst practitioners, improved communication, and involvement of entire family units. In so doing, not only are the lives of our target demographic (underprivileged young people) positively impacted, but also those of the social groups with which they most often interact.

The Taylor Foundation for the Arts focuses its efforts on groups of vulnerable, underprivileged and differently-abled children by providing fine arts, dance and martial arts scholarships, health education and counseling services. Through a combination of education, physical interaction and emotional support- the Foundation strives to improve both the present and future states of wellness of all prospective students.