Everyone Deserves Health and Access
to Fitness and Fine-Arts Resources

About The Taylor Foundation for the Arts

The Taylor Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional locations in Lithonia and Tucker. We are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through participatory arts (art making rather than art observing). Our founders believe that the practice of dance, fine arts, and martial arts have the potential to create stronger families and healthier communites. This vision is designed to serve all members of the community, but has a tremendously positive impact on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with special needs or disabilities. We particularly focus on increasing opportunities for younger people who might not have the opportunity otherwise for this kind of education.

Dr. Wallace Taylor founded The Taylor Foundation for the Arts in 2009 when he joined DeKalb County as a Fitness Specialist and promoter of health services. Since then, he has served thousands of students and family members throughout the county.

Although our headquarters are in Atlanta, our two satellite locations operate autonomously to serve local needs. They are run by local managers who  follow the guidelines and core values set by our CEO and Board of Directors.

Our Partners

We work in conjunction with some amazing institutions and organizations throughout the county. Our partners include:

City of Clarkston | Georgia State University | DeKalb County Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Affairs | The University of West Georgia™ | The YMCA™

Tucker Taekwondo Center | Taylor Academy of Fine Arts

Scholarships & Financial Support

A pillar of this foundation is to fund scholarships to provide underprivileged students the opportunity to benefit from the practice of art forms. We believe that everyone deserves access to fitness and educational resources and The Taylor Foundation for the Arts helps make these opportunities accessible to everyone.