Puerto Rico: Hurricane Relief 2017:

Taylor Foundation for the Arts's Disaster Relief Initiative Project 2017, Puerto Rico- Hurricane Relief.

The Taylor Foundation for the Arts, its staff members, and volunteers gathered to help organize and disseminate needed goods for the victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Puerto Rico: Hurricane Relief 2017


  • Aligned and hosted volunteers from Home DepotUPSTurner Network Broadcasting, and ReMax to help “Puerto Ricovery’s” efforts to aid the victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria 
  • Provided 30 volunteers to assist with packaging of food and needed supplies 

  • Donated office space, volunteers, and resources to serve as ground-zero for organizing and needed disaster relief efforts 
  • Fundraised $1,000.00 for Puerto Ricovery to assist with transportation and needed equipment rentals necessary to provide aid to victims of Caribbean Hurricanes


Students Of Ban Koh Nok Elementary

Thailand: Children’s Relief 2017

Taylor Foundation for the Arts's Global Outreach Initiative Project 2017, Thailand- Children's Relief

TFA's multinational project was hosted by Ban Koh Nok Elementary School, Phang Nga Province. A total of 67 students ranging from 4-12 years of age became the recipients of  TFA's introductory international relief effort!

The Taylor Foundation for the Arts, its staff members, and international volunteers aimed to improve the overall wellness of this small community through health education, nutritional intervention and preliminary medical checkups.

Children's Relief: Thailand

The lives of these brilliant little ones have been touched by your efforts and that of the countless individuals who've selflessly contributed to this project and its success.


  • Scholarships (10 students)
  • Basic Health Check Up by Thung Ma Praw Health Promoting Hospital
  • Lunch sponsored by 88 cafe & restaurant
  • First Aid Boxes
  • Gifts
  • Games