Participatory Arts Have
the Power to Transform

A Participatory Arts Organization 

The term, “participatory arts,” concerns art making rather than art observing (e.g., dancing as
opposed to watching dance performances.) and is inclusive of practice in studies of dance, expressive writing, music (singing and instrumental), theatre arts, and visual arts including documentation of mental/physical improvements in memory, creativity, problem-solving, everyday competence, reaction time, balance/gait, and quality of life.

The Taylor Foundation for the Arts offers curricula in dance and Martial Arts. We are dedicated to uplifting underprivileged young people and promoting wellness throughout metro Atlanta.

Community Programs

TFA has partnered with service providers in metro Atlanta to provide competitive programs in participatory arts and health education. 


Dance: Taylor Academy of Fine Arts

            The Taylor Academy of Fine Arts aims to act as both a center for the education of performing arts and as a channel through which its students can experience Atlanta’s extensive performing and visual art platforms. In allowing each student to explore the city’s array of venues, public events and exposés, TAFA frames and develops a sense of belonging and curiosity in participants who would have little or no access otherwise.

            While working primarily with students ages 3-18, the Taylor Academy of Fine Arts endeavors to develop a balance between a healthy body, a sound mind and elevated spirit. Through extensive interaction with both peer groups and instructors, each student is encourage to develop necessary communication and social skills in a controlled environment.

            Through participation in competitions as well as the Taylor Foundation for the Art’s two yearly company performances, the time investment, hard work and personal development of the students is shared with community advocates, friends, family members and instructors.     


Martial Arts: Tucker Taekwondo Center

            The Tucker Taekwondo Center occupies the space of competitive martial arts training facility, wellness center, and personal development venue for individuals ages 2.5 to 74. With its headquarters set in Atlanta and satellite locations, its reach stretches across four counties and touches the lives of over 500 hundred individuals from some 31 countries around the world.

            A dynamic group of instructors originating from Guyana, Thailand, the US and Mexico, drive an eclectic student body through a curriculum constructed around the best practices of exercise science and traditional taekwondo. Tucker Taekwondo Center's curriculum also allows for its students to complement their Taekwondo skills with lessons in Sword and Bo Staff.

            With exposure to multiple forms of martial arts practice and the diverse nature of both students and instructors, participants are encouraged to explore the strength found in individuals, ideas, opinions and physical capabilities different from their own. By doing so, an environment of mutual respect and support across traditional boundaries is created.

            Tucker Taekwondo Center is especially committed to the objectives and wellness initiatives of Healthy People 2020 and remains the only United States Taekwondo Gold School in the South Eastern United States. The Tucker Taekwondo Center’s curriculum aligns strongly with the founding principles of The American College of Sports Medicine and The World Taekwondo Federation.

Benefits of Training in Participatory Arts