Behavioral Health

As a trauma-informed organization, Taylor Foundation for the Arts currently provides the following services to the community:

Behavioral Health Services - in collaboration with Safe Emotions, LLC, TFA offers community mental health services to children, adults, and families. The services include individual and group psychotherapy, clinical diagnostic evaluations and assessments (including testing for ADHD, Autism, and trauma assessments), and art therapy, as well as other opportunities to support mental health and build psychological resilience, such as monthly yoga and mindfulness practices for women and families.

The S.T.E.P. model – an 8-week long program based on a mother/child trauma-focused reunification and maltreatment prevention plan for at-risk families or those currently involved in the foster care system. The biopsychosocial approach model which is based on a cutting-edge research study on psychological resilience and post-traumatic growth utilizes participatory arts to bring healing and empowering to women trauma survivors. By cultivating responsibility, discipline, perseverance, values, positivity, humility, confidence, respect, goal setting, flexibility, balance, work ethic, wisdom, courage, creativity, leadership, open-mindedness, mindfulness, and action through the practice of dance, yoga, and martial art, TFA plays a significant role in the process of trauma recovery and family reunification process of women trauma survivors.

Art therapies – art is an evolutionary behavior used by humans for thousands of years to express not just joy and beauty, but also suffering, trauma, pain, and crisis. Children and adults with mental maladies often thrive and experience emotional healing through art therapies as a means to convey what may not be possible with words alone. Expressive arts and play-based intervention is used to not only support individuals’ own internal resources, but also provide various creative, action-oriented approaches to self-regulation and stress reduction.