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Self-Empowerment Course for Pre-teen and Teen Girls

The objective of this course is to empower girls with valuable life skills in order to achieve their full potential. The course is based on the belief that every girl deserves to love herself mentally, physically, and spiritually, and to have opportunities that allow her to make choices that benefit herself, her family, and her community. Research shows that girls who are engaged in positive activities such as school, sports, or prevention/intervention programs are more likely to complete middle and high school, attend college, positively serve their communities, and reach their potential for future success than their peers who are not involved.

As girls begin to form their sense of self and their own opinions during their impressionable pre- teen years, they are bombarded with messages from numerous cultural and social influences, including from their parents, family, siblings, friends, peers, teachers, extra-curricular activity leaders, and from the media. Also, child development research has revealed that children begin to conceptualize gender, racial, and ability differences and begin to show signs of influence by societal norms and biases within their third year of life; therefore, it is crucial that children at the formative juncture between childhood and teen years receive consistent mentor-ship, support, and guidance. The goal of working with girls at the critical ages of 8 to 16 is to help them build self-esteem, develop life skills, and develop positive motivations so they are equipped with the tools to help them achieve their goals and avoid getting into trouble.

About The InstructorDenisa Millette, MA, LPC, NCC

Denisa Millette is a licensed professional counselor and a clinical trauma specialist whose mission and passion in life is to help children, teens, and adults find a safe path to ultimate emotional wellbeing. Denisa holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and she has been conducting psychological evaluations as well as specialized trauma assessments and therapy to clients in a private psychological practice since 2001.  Denisa has been recognized as an expert witness in child abuse and trauma cases in juvenile and superior courts across GA.  Her main focus is on aiding her clients on their road to emotional recovery by using safe, effective, and non-drug treatment strategies. To find out more about her qualifications and experience, please visit her at:   http://denisamillette.com/meet-denisa/ 


Lights of Midnight

The Lights of Midnight production was an absolute success. A throwback to the roaring 20’s, the students of The Taylor Academy of Fine Arts and the scholarship recipients of The Taylor Foundation for the Arts showcased regional and social dances of the time. They also showcased top talent in traditional Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

The Lights of Midnight


TFA Instructor Valerie Bencosme

Knight's Legend Dances

A fusion of Arabian rhythms mixes with the dynamic spirit of Michael Jackson's  

legendary musical legacy. "Knight's Legend Dances" infuses a medley of dance performances with musical and martial artists of exceptional skill.

 Taylor Foundation for the Arts' Knight's Legend Dances was filled with joy and bursting with pure energy. With over 600 people in attendance, performers from twelve countries eloquently and gracefully displayed their incredible skill. These talented athletes and artists ranged in age from six years of age to sixty years of age.

Hundreds gathered in support of performing family members, friends, colleagues and loved ones. With proceeds benefiting the Taylor Foundation for the Art's mission to improve community wellness through education in and practice of art forms, the lives of countless individuals were touched and powerfully impacted!